AMK Microfinance Institution

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Former Name: AMK - Angkor Microheranhvatho (Kampuchea) Co., Ltd.
No. 285, Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin Blvd (271), Village 1, Sangkat Tumnup Teuk, Khan Chamkar Morn, 12306 Phnom Penh
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  • Hot Line 1800 200 200

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  • About Us
    AMK Microfinance Institution originated from the savings and credit components of the community development work of Concern Worldwide in Cambodia from 1993 but only became a directly implemented program in 1999. Following the new Cambodian microfinance regulation, AMK became a separate company and obtained a license from the Cambodian central bank in 2004.
  • Vision
    AMK’s long-term vision is of a Cambodian society where citizens have equal and sufficient economic and social opportunities to improve their standards of living and where they can contribute productively towards the overall development of the country.

  • Mission
    AMK’s mission is to help large numbers of poor people to improve their livelihood options through the delivery of appropriate and viable micro-finance services.
  • Guiding Principles
    • AMK provides micro-finance services to poor people in Cambodia that are grounded in sound financial discipline at all levels.
    • AMK is committed to openness & transparency in all areas of management & operations.
  • Guiding Principles (Con.)
    • AMK is committed to developing processes & services and to adopting behaviors & standards that ensure optimum social performance, including client protection.
    • AMK is a learning organization where appropriate exchange and sharing of information contributes to staff development, training, and improvements in policies and systems.
  • Products, Services & Working Methodology
    Group Loan Products
    AMK offers three Village Bank loan products that utilize the solidarity group lending methodology. The methodology begins with potential clients self-selecting themselves into solidarity groups of three to six members. These solidarity groups are then organized into Village Banks that consist of four to twelve groups (or twenty to sixty clients).
  • Individual Loan Products
    Clients who wish to borrow larger amounts of capital to support their business can take advantage of a variety of individual loan products including Business Expansion Loan, Seasonal Loan, & Seasonal Credit Line products. Since the amounts & associated risks are higher, these loans require collateral and guarantors.
  • Emergency Loan Product
    The Emergency loan is designed for both Group Guaranteed and Individual loan clients in good standing to assist them in the unfortunate event that an emergency arises.
  • Deposit Products
    AMK has created a family of flexible deposit products to meet the savings needs of its customers. AMK offers five distinct deposit products. These include the General Savings Account, Easy Saving Account, Fixed Deposit Account, Future Account, and Mobile Savings Account.

  • Money Transfer
    AMK launched a nationwide money transfer service in 2011 in order to facilitate money transfers between all AMK branches or sub-branches.
    With simply processed documents, customers can easily transfer money to family members, relatives, business partners, & other beneficiaries.
  • Operational Coverage
    Operational Coverage

    AMK provides local money transfer service to public customer in order to makes it easy which you can send and receive money for your family financial support, business transaction…… with convenience and safety that you can access money transfer with AMK  nationwide. 

    Product Feature
    • There are threes currency type  has provided to client such as (KHR / USD / THB)
    • There are fours transaction type has provided to client such as (Cash – Cash / Cash – Account / Account – Account / Account – Cash)

    • Secure, Fast service with great time and cost saving
    • Good service, Reasonable service fee
    • Convenience for sending and receiving money through AMK Office or Agent nationwide
    • Short and simple process
  • Product Summary

    AMK’s products have been designed to serve its clients’ financial needs throughout their lives as their lifestyles and income sources change. As a result, AMK offers Loan, Savings, Money Transfer​​, Microinsurance and Payment products.

    The typical AMK client joins AMK as a Village Bank client who accesses small amounts of credit through AMK’s Group Guaranteed Loan products.  Depending on the clients' income stream, clients can choose between Installment and End of Term Loans. Good clients who return to AMK are rewarded with higher loan ceilings and reduced interest rates for subsequent loans. Successful clients can also avail themselves of flexible Credit Line products and Emergency Loans if the need arises.
  • Group Loans

    1. End of Term - Village Bank, a group guaranteed loan without any  physical collateral requirement.
    2. Installment - Village Bank, a group guaranteed loan without any physical collateral requirement.
    3. Credit Line - Village Bank, a group guaranteed loan without any physical collateral requirement.
    4. Easy Loan - Village Bank, a group guaranteed loan without any physical collateral requirement.
  • Individual Loans

    5. Business Expansion Loan, requires physical collateral and guarantors.
    6. Seasonal Loan, targets farmers involved in small scale agriculture, crop growing, and animal raising.
    7. Easy Loan, for city dwellers who have been residents in the area at least 6 months. One guarantor required but no physical collateral necessary.
    8. Emergency Loan, restricted to clients who have completed at least six months with AMK and are still active at the time of application.
  • Savings Products

    AMK Microfinance Institution is one of the leading microfinance institutions in Cambodia and has been granted a deposit license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). AMK offers four diversified deposit products, which have been widely accepted by customers. These are the Easy Savings Account, Lucky Account, Fixed Deposit, and Future Account. As an added benefit, if you sign up for an Easy Savings Account or a Lucky Account, you will receive a free ATM card.

    1. Easy Saving Account  (Purple ATM Card)  
    2. Lucky Account (Gold ATM Card)  
    3. Fixed Deposit  
    4. Future Account  
    5. Corporate Saving Account  
    6. Smart Kid Account
  • Our Client Profile

    Through research and surveys, we gain valuable insight from our clients into their needs and changing market conditions. AMK's in-house Research Department actively works towards providing relevant information for AMK to assess, manage, and report on its Social Performance.

    In order to make Social Performance Management (SPM) a driving force at AMK, our Research Department collects information from clients, non-clients, and secondary sources, and analyzes this data in a series of reports created annually (the Research Intelligence Reports). These reports cover both social and market issues and seek to answer the following key questions:

    1.How poor are the clients we are reaching?
    2.How many clients leave AMK, when, and why?
    3.Are AMK clients satisfied with the products we offer?
    4.Are there other products that the clients demand?
    5.Is AMK having any transformational impact on them?
  • Household Incomes

    AMK client households generate income through farm activities, non-farm activities, and other sources of in-flows.

    Farm activities refer to the activities dealing with crops, livestock, and Common Property Resources (CPR).
    Non-farm activities
    include income from casual labor, salaried labor, manufacturing, and services.
    Other sources of inflows include remittances (domestic and international), sales, rental, and income from loans.

    Nearly all rural households in Cambodia undertake at least one farm activity. 95% undertake at least one non-farm activity (see graph 1 below) and 55% also benefit from other inflow sources (excluding receiving loans).
  • AMK Customer Lifecycle

    AMK’s products have been designed to serve its client’s' financial needs as their lifestyles and income sources change over time. The typical AMK customer joins AMK as a Village Bank client who accesses small amounts of credit through AMK’s Group Guaranteed Loan products. Depending on their income stream, clients can choose between Installment and End of Term Loans. Good clients who return to AMK are rewarded with higher loan ceilings on subsequent loans. Successful clients can also utilize flexible Credit Line products and Emergency Loans if the need arises.
  • Cambodia and the Microfinance Environment

    Regular commercial lending has traditionally been constrained in rural Cambodia by high costs of operations, the inability to verify and enforce property rights, and low levels of economic activity. As a result, the vast majority of the rural population up until recently has had almost no access to formal financial services.

    In 1992, after the signing of the country's peace accords which marked the end of decades of bitter conflict, Cambodia emerged from economic isolation. Large-scale international aid and relief operations followed. The first microfinance experiments were credit-oriented, designed to kick-start new business activity. Microcredit was initially provided by NGOs to fill gaps left by the non-existent banking sector. Without a working banking system, organizations such as GRET, World Relief, ACLEDA, and CRS initially ran microcredit projects by physically handling cash transfers themselves.
  • A Road Less Travelled in Serving Microfinance Clients

    A Road Less Travelled in Serving Microfinance Clients: The AMK Story The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Implementation Guide provides financial service providers with practical guidance on how to improve strategies, governance, operations, and employee treatment. It is based on a set of industry standards for social performance management (SPM), called the SPTF Universal Standards for SPM.

    In addition to “how-to” guidance, the newly published Guide features practical experiences from hundreds of organizations with strong SPM practices. Among these, Cambodian institution AMK features prominently and is also the subject of an upcoming book by Anton Simanowitz and Katherine Knotts. CGAP's Antonique Koning spoke with the authors.
  • AMK Won Highest Customer Orientation Award for 2011

    AMK received the Global Microfinance Highest Customer Orientation Achievement Awards for 2011. The award was accepted by AMK Board Member Marcus Fedder at the Global Microfinance Investment Summit held in Geneva July 5-8, 2011. The Highest Customer Orientation award category recognizes organizations with the highest level of responsibility towards its customers and a high success rate of both customer acquisition and retention.