Cambodian Kids Foundation

No. 6A, St. 514, 12307 Phnom Penh
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  • About Us
    The Cambodian Kids Foundation is a not for profit organisation and a registered Cambodian NGO that aims to help the people of Cambodia at a grass roots level, allowing for maximum sustainability and success for the people. Our projects strive to empower the youth of Cambodia to become well rounded, compassionate and open minded leaders of tomorrow.
  • Our Projects

    Education / Leadership Centres

    Attitude Centre for Education (ACE)

    Saing Sy Centre School (SSC)

    Rudi Boa Centre School (RBC)

    Cambodian Kids Care Kindergarten (CKC)

  • Education & Empowerment Programs

    Start-A-Business Program

    Family Assistance Program

    Women's Health Program

    Emergency Assistance Program

    Plant it Forward

    Mission: Cambodia Volunteer Program

    Scholarship Program

  • 1- The Attitude Centre for Education

    The Attitude Centre for Education (ACE) is a Cambodian NGO created in Phnom Penh in 2009. The main focus of ACE is to equip young people with the confidence and leadership skills to bring about positive change in Cambodia and to support them in becoming effective role models in their communities.

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    ACE provides student scholarships and a range of courses including leadership, conflict resolution, mental health, job seeking and life skills.

    ACE strives to provide youth with the tools to make informed choices, actively participate in decision making as well as advocate more effectively for the interests of young people.

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    ACE envisions a Cambodia better equipped to take care of itself and provide for its citizens instead of depending on foreign NGO's.

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    ACE provides in-house leadership training in Phnom Penh

    ACE provides intense survivor leadership challenge experiences

    ACE provides a 1 year intern program in Phnom Penh to train leadership trainers

    ACE provides leadership training to all those that sincerely want it regardless of income.

    ACE provides onsite leadership training in near and far provinces throughout Cambodia

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    2- The Outreach Program began in response to the Dey Krahorm evictions as a means to help those in the community most affected by the displacement. The Dey Krahorm community site, which was acquired by a large company in February 2009, constituted over 1,400 homes.

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    The Outreach Program is multi-faceted, comprising of Cambodian Kids Care (CKC), the Women's Health Clinic Program, the Start-A-Business Program, a Family Assistance Program as well as a Scholarship Program

  • 3- Rudi Boa

    Rudi Boa in the Borey Santepheap II community, with a future estimated 1200 to 1300 families, is located in Sangkat Chorm Chao, Khan Dangkor approximately 22 Km from Phnom Penh. The village was built in 2006 by a private company, 7NG, for the people who were evicted from Dey Krahorm and Beoung Kok Lake to allow commercial development.

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    Rudi Boa Center is an integral component of Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF)'s Child Protection and Education Program. It provides non formal education such as English class, Khmer class, Art, Sport & Recreation, Health & Hygiene, Leadership & life Skill, volunteer program to 150 kids in the target area.

  • 4- The Saing Sy Center

    The Saing Sy Center is an integral component of Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF)'s Child Protection and Education Program. This community-based education and development project is located in Thnal Bek village, Trapaing Russy commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province which is 6 km from the town and, 160km from Phnom Penh.

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    Trapaing Russy currently covers 20 villages with 3479 families where the standard of living is poor. Most of them are farmers. Saing Sy Centre will provide informal education to target communities such as English class, Computer class, Khmer class, Art, Health & hygiene, women group, leadership & life skill, community garden, sport & recreation to more than 600 kids and youths.