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No. 312A, St. 150, 12157 Phnom Penh
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Total Station, Theodolite, Auto level, Laser line
GNSS - GPS - RTK, Echo sounder,
Topographic survey, Bathymetric survey,
Monitoring building, Soil investigation,
Calibration & Repairing equipment,
Environment equipment

  • Introduction

    Sun Survey Company Limited (in short SSC) was established in October 2010 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. SSC’s guideline for operating is “come together with your works”. Therefore, we merely provide not only equipment, but also come together, stand side by side and share experiences with customers to have the appropriate solutions for their requirements.

  • Business Activities

    • Measuring map such as, topographic and bathymetric survey.
    • Locating the pipeline underground
    • Monitoring for deformation structure
    • GIS, remote, sensing
    • Constructing material and structures
    • Structure foundation and geotechnics
    • Hydraulic structure, hydraulics and physical modeling of work structure and hydropower
    • Geotechnical investigation
    • Hydrological and geophysical survey
    • Design
    • Support in legal procedures preparation
    • Servicing technology transfer, install, maintain for technical and scientific equipment by ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005
    • Providing technical and scientific equipment, survey equipment, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment
    • Renting, maintaining for measuring equipment

  • Manpower

    Geomatics Department has 02 Doctors of engineering, 04 Masters of engineering and 04
    Engineers and a lot of surveyors. This is a power, enthusiasm and dynamic team, who are very
    experienced (in topographic surveying and hydrographic surveying), enthusiatic, aggressive.
    Especially, applying newest technology can provide the best solutions to clients.

  • List of Testing at Laboratory
    Test of mechanics – Phy cical of cement and additive for cement:
    Determination degree of fineness, specific weight of cement, bending and pressing strength limit, standard plasticity, and period of setting and volume stability, expansible sulphate, heat of hydration cement.

    Test concrete and mortar:
    Slum, volume weight of concrete mixture, rate of separating water of mortar, foamed air content, specific weight, water absorption, abrasion, volume weight, waterproof, contraction, strength and tension, strength of prism and modulus when static pressure, binding force of steel with concrete, time setting, ph of concrte and mortar.

    Test of wire with PVC coat:
    Density of PVC coat, max load and elongation of PVC coat, diameter of wire, tensile and bend testing for wire.

    Test water stop PVC:
    Determination of tensile strength, elongation, hard shore A.

    Test of plastic:
    Determination of strength and tension.
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    Test of aggregate for concrete and mortar:

    Paticle size distribution, apparent specific gravity, bulk specific gravity and water absorption, bulk density and voids, moisture, content of dust, mud and clay in aggregate and content of clay lumps in fine aggregate. Organic impurit, strength and softening coefficient of the original stone, cushing value (VAC) and softening coefficient of coarse aggregate, resistance to degradation of coarse aggregate by abration and impact in the los angeles machine, elongation and flakiness index of coarse aggregate, feeble weath.

    Test of construction steel:

    Tensil test, bending testing, bending of deformed bar, bending testing for steel welding, non
    destructive testing welding by magnetism powder, non destructive testing welding by ultra-sonic.

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    Test of asphalt concrete:

    Bulk density (density), apparent specific gravity, bulk density gravity and aggregates in mixture
    asphalt concrete, percent void in mineral aggregate and percent air void in compacted aggregates mixture, saturated of water factor, expansion after saturated of water, stable factor of water and stable factor of temperature, strength in water after saturated of water for a long time, marshall testing (stability, platicity index, conventional hardness, quantitative extraction of bitumen from bitumenuos paving mixtures) by leaching method, particle size dixtribution of aggregates of asphalt concrete mixtures after leaching.

    Test of mechanics-physical clay brick:

    Determination of compressive strength, bending strength, determination of water absorption and determination of bulk density.

    Test of mechanics-physical interlocking concrete brick:

    Determination of dimension and visible defect, impressive strength, water absorption and abrasion.

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    Test of bitumen:

    Penetration, ductility at 250C, softening point, flash point-cleveten open cup, lost on heating at 1630C after 5 hours, ratio of penetration on residue after heating at 1630C after 5h in comparison with penetration at 250C, solubiliyin trichlorothylene, specific density at 250C, coasting and striping of bitumen with broken stone.

    Experiment at site:

    Determination of density, humidity of soil by hoop method, density, humidity of soil by pouring sand method, modulus “E” of road-bed by large slab, modulus “E” of road by benkelman, NDT determination of compressive strength concrete by ultrasonic combine compact hammer method, determination of compressive strength concrete and crack in concrete by ultrasonic method, geodesic construction, determination thickness of protective layer concrete, location and diameter of steel bar in concrete. Determination electric potential erosive steel bar, determination of strength of concrete pipe.

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    Test Of construction mortar:

    Determination of flowability for grout, flowability for grout, bulk density for solid grout, determination of bending and compressive strength of solid grout, determination of water absorption for solid mortar.

    Test bentonit and cement bentonit mixture:

    Determination of specific density, viscosity, sand content, stability, determination of
    permeability of cement bentonite mixture, determination of strength of cement bentonite mixture, inflation thickness, ph of solution, cut force.

    Test of geotextile and vertical drain:

    Determination of thickness, mass per area unit, dimension of effective filter hole, determination of tensile strength and elongation, determination of permebility, determination of CBR strength, determination of drop cone, determination of rod puncture, determination of grab strength, determination of tear strength.

    Test granit

    Test of rug bentonit

    Test mix cement and soil