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Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II Bluetooth® speaker

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Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Battery life: Up to 17 hours on average listening volume Charging time: Up to 4 hours when using the provided cable and USB power supply Using an alternate USB power source or charging while playing music may increase charging time Bluetooth range: Up to 9 m (30 ft) Bluetooth version: 4.1 Deep. Loud. And immersive, too. SoundLink Revolve+ II is our best-performing portable Bluetooth® speaker This true 360° speaker was engineered to spread deep, jaw-dropping sound in every direction. That means, when everyone stands around it, everyone gets the same experience. If you place it near a wall, sound will radiate and reflect around the room, immersing you in that same feeling you felt at your favourite concert. And with a flexible handle, it’s designed to go wherever you want to bring the music. Durable, water-resistant design. You’re not afraid of a little water. Your speaker shouldn’t be either. SoundLink Revolve+ II’s water-resistant design means you can use it in more places without worrying about an accidental showering of water, like by the pool or the kitchen sink. Bumpers for bumping You’re not perfect. And with this speaker, you don’t need to be. No worries if you knock it over, toss it in your bag or set it down a little harder than you meant to. Soft materials let you bump without worrying. All sound. No seam. No detail is too small. Not even a single seam. Notice that our grille doesn’t have one. That’s because we created a new single-extrusion process to eliminate it—leaving nothing but beauty. Totally tote-able A flexible fabric handle makes SoundLink Revolve+ II easy to move. And it feels good, too. That’s because we meticulously chose every material for this speaker—right down to the soft, smooth buttons that ensure every interaction feels as natural as you know it should. One app. Complete control. The Bose Connect app gives you easy access to everything your product has to offer. Get tips, unlock product features and personalise your settings, so you can spend more time enjoying the music instead of setting it up. You can also easily manage your speaker’s Bluetooth connections with a single swipe, so everyone can have a turn at being the DJ. And when loud just isn’t loud enough, turn it up with Party Mode to play two wireless speakers simultaneously. Or switch to Stereo Mode for dedicated left and right playback, giving you a full and dynamic surround-sound experience.

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